Samba and deleting of files

I have been having problems with deleting of files from a network drive mapped via Samba (client machine being WinXP running in Virtualbox and server being Ubuntu 8.10). The files I was trying to delete were mapped using SSHFS (and shared via Samba).

It seems that Samba restricts deleting of files that are not owned by the same user, i.e. files were mapped using SSHFS as userA but userB was accessing them via Samba. The “-o allow_other” option in Samba helps to access other users’ files but deletion fails in most cases.

I have found several articles mentioning the same problem but no one had a solution. I then decided to look at the list of Samba options and searched for “delete”. The “trick” turned out to be “acl check permissions” option in Samba share config, e.g:

path = /home/user/dir
writeable = yes
browseable = yes
valid users = user
create mask = 644
directory mask = 755
acl check permissions = False

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