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Running a script after log off in Ubuntu

Perhaps bit of a hack I but could not find another way of unmounting Samba shares automatically before my user session ends. If I do not unmount them myself, they would stay mounted after network manager has shutdown making Ubuntu hang. So to overcome this problem, I’ve done the following:

$ cd /etc/gdm/PostSession
$ sudo vi Default

add your commands before “exit 0″, for example:

sudo fusermount -u /home/juraj/shareA/
sudo fusermount -u /home/juraj/shareB/
exit 0

Save (:wq) and give it a go - restart or logoff. Tested in Ubuntu 8.10

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Ubuntu - visual tuning

Ubuntu comes with Gnome and default settings include some visual effects (provided graphic card and drivers can handle them). To get the most out of it, consider installing the following (using Synaptec or “sudo apt-get install package-name“):

This manager includes endless compiz configuration options including burning of windows on closing, Mac-like window effects and much more.

Allows to customise Gnome colours - panels, desktop, icons etc. Try these 220 Gnome colour schemes

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